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Financial Planning

Preparing Your Retirement Foundation

If you’re like most people, qualified retirement plans, pensions, Social Security, and investments will make up your successful retirement. Additionally, in-depth analysis and a sound approach will help build your retirement-income sources to support your ideal lifestyle.

Professionally Managed Investments

Our objective is to provide personalized strategies that help grow and preserve your wealth. Whether your goals involve building wealth over time or preserving the assets that you’ve worked hard for, we’ll guide you through investment opportunities in a well-aligned portfolio.

Estate Planning

It’s important to secure your legacy by planning now. We will be happy to arrange a meeting with a trusted partner to discuss estate planning and taxes. If you choose to include our team in estate planning meetings, we will work side by side with your attorney to ensure a seamless process.

Risk Management

An important part of successful investing involves identification, analysis, and acceptance of uncertainty. We work with you to determine your risk appetite, develop goals, then implement steps and strategies to help mitigate extreme volatility.

Income Planning

Our financial planning process helps determine if your anticipated cash flow will be enough to maintain your standard of living considering inflation will increase your expenses over your lifetime. We run an analysis on pension payments vs lump sum payments, social security maximization, and required minimum distributions. A secure income is the key to a carefree retirement.

Insurance and Asset Protection

When unexpected situations take place, it’s important that your cash flow distribution and assets remain safe and secure. BenchMark specialists work with you to find and implement insurance plans to ensure that you and your loved ones continue to benefit from an income stream, should challenges arise.

Our Approach

Our process provides a holistic viewpoint, taking into account your goals, timing, and risk appetite. The resulting strategy means optimal allocations, ongoing analysis, and updates, as needed.

Our Approach

Our Team

BenchMark’s specialists combine financial understanding and skills with the passion and desire to educate clients. 

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We are ready to work with you in crafting a holistic plan that helps support your goals and dreams. For more information, contact us for your no-obligation analysis.

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