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Inspiring Confidence, Educating Clients

Benchmark Financial Advisors is a wealth management firm with a focus on providing independent, unbiased, and comprehensive advice.

Tim and Stephanie are Accredited Investment Fiduciaries (AIF). This means we are required to act with honesty, integrity and avoid conflicts of interest. We put your best interest before products, sales goals, or fees. We ensure timely and understandable disclosures of relevant information that is accurate, complete, and objective. We respect the confidentiality of your information and never disclose such information to others except when authorized.

A Focus on Knowledge and Guidance

A Focus on Knowledge and Guidance

At Benchmark, we don’t talk “at” you. Rather, our goal is to educate and guide you through proven investment strategies. Once we understand your risk tolerance, time horizon and goals, we’ll help you develop a program to balance investment strategies with principal preservation. The result is a clear focus and confidence in your retirement plan.

From Asset Growth to Income Distribution

From Asset Growth to Income Distribution

Financial planning needs are ongoing, especially when you reach retirement. We’re here to help you increase your investments, then sustain your retirement life. Our personable, detail-oriented and proactive approach helps you determine the most effective journey between growing your wealth and benefitting from it.

BenchMark Process: Goals. Not Guesswork.

The BenchMark Process helps guide you to your financial goals through a fluid and flexible plan. First, we gain an understanding of your needs, wants, risk tolerance, and desires. We then introduce solutions including tax strategies, social security maximization, and income streams.

This method enables a proactive approach to optimal income and support for major life events.

Our Core Values


We work to educate clients, offering a clear process that keeps them informed through life’s changing circumstances.


Clients deserve individualized service, and we’re committed to offering personalized care for each client and their family.


We’re committed to a consistent planning process and ongoing development of a versatile team, so clients can rely on lifelong support.

Service Oriented

We don't take our responsibility lightly. This motivates us to go above and beyond to deliver generous and prompt service.

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Want to Know Your Risk Number?

A 5-minute questionnaire covers topics such as portfolio size and top financial goals while showing the real dollar amounts of how much you are willing to risk for potential gain. Once complete, you will have a personalized Risk Number®. It's fast, free, and displays your number instantly.

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Retirement Planning

BenchMark’s experience and services can help you grow and preserve wealth, guaranteeing the ideal cash flow and income to support your lifestyle, tailored to your needs and goals.

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Our Approach

Our process provides a holistic viewpoint, taking into account your goals, timing, and risk appetite. The resulting strategy means optimal allocations, ongoing analysis, and updates, as needed.

Our Approach

Our Team

BenchMark’s experts combine financial understanding and skills with the passion and desire to educate clients. 

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