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The Road to Retirement is long. Make sure you get off at the right Exit. 

As Independent Advisors we work for you – not a bank or insurance company. BenchMark does not have sales goals or proprietary investments that may have conflicts of interest. As an independently managed practice our fiduciary approach is designed to give clients greater confidence. We are proud when our clients refer their friends and family so that they too may have a plan of action and confidence in their financial future.

We are Accredited Investment Fiduciaries (AIF). This means that we are required to act with honesty, integrity and avoid conflicts of interest. We put a client’s best interest before products, sales goals or fees. We ensure timely and understandable disclosures of relevant information that is accurate, complete and objective.  We respect confidentiality of information and never disclose such information to others except when authorized.

Financial Planning is a proactive process of preparing for and reacting to Critical Financial Events. The events span from college planning, selling a business, receiving an inheritance to retirement planning. Our resources and experience help our clients to prepare for such events so that they can pursue their financial goals.